Thursday, March 19, 2015

What Are We Celebrating?

It seems like this year’s month of March is number one on the hit parade for events to don your party wear.  The celebrations are continual.  First, we have March, which has been designated as Social Work Month.  March is also the beginning of the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the National Association of Social Workers.  Closer to home, the Chapter is celebrating Massachusetts-specific events: the Annual Awards Celebration, where extraordinary social workers and public citizens are recognized for their outstanding contributions to clients, the profession, and to social and economic justice campaigns; the appointment of Marylou Sudders, NASW member, as the Secretary of Health and Human Services.  NASW, along with Boston College’s and Boston University’s Schools of Social Work, are hosting a reception at the State House, to acknowledge our champion of social work values in her new position; and at the end of the month, LEAD, the MA chapter’s annual Legislative Education and Advocacy Day, where social work students and professionals roll up their sleeves to lobby on the Chapter’s priority legislation.

Traditionally, I am not enthusiastic about celebrating many national holidays: Mother’s Day?  My birthday?  Valentine’s Day?  I say, “Be nice to me every day, and I will return by appreciation every day as well.”  As for celebrating social work, I share the same sentiment.  I do cherish the profession I chose.  I celebrate every day, in quiet and expressed ways, that social work is a marvelous career.  It connects me to people regardless of my mood or my daily assignments: my staff, the NASW members who call for advice, to share a problem or complaint, or a non-social worker who is looking for information and direction.  On certain quiet days, I look at my phone and say, “Ring, ring, will you?!” if the phone has been too silent.

Thank you, social work, for this great gift of involvement, satisfaction, and challenge.

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