Friday, March 6, 2015

Bother me!

I recently received a phone call from a long time (30+ years) NASW-MA member who was surprised that I answered my phone with the usual “Hi, this is Carol.”  “Is this really Carol or her voice mail?” she asked.  I had the sense that getting directly through to me was like calling the White House and having the President answer the phone.

I was surprised at first, and then wondered if one of the reasons I don't get as many phone calls as I used to when I was a staff person might be because members may feel that they won’t get me directly, or they don't want to bother me with what they may consider a simple or silly question, or that maybe they should know the answer and don't want to appear uninformed or dumb.

Hogwash to all those reasons, I say.  I (and my entire staff) want to hear all of your concerns, every question, even if you feel they may be dumb, and we want you to call, email, and fax.  And if you insist on feeling that you might be bothering us, then bother away.

All of the staff at the chapter office, as well as our four wonderful Regional staff persons, are waiting for your calls, your questions, your comments.  We are here to serve you.  So call away.  And I, especially, expect to hear more from you.

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