Friday, February 24, 2012

Something To Smile About

I am in a bragging mood, so allow me a few moments to tell you why. First, I beam at my team at the Chapter office. Staff is made up of social workers, and other professionals and nonprofessionals who convey that they not only like what they do but are always eager for new assignments, and new challenges. In addition they are   serious about receiving ongoing coaching from someone with a high bar for achievement.  That would be Me.  We are just shifting into high gear, (in addition to handling the normal workload) preparing for the Chapter’s biennial Symposium, where close to 1,000 attendees, exhibiters, sponsors, advertisers, speakers and registrants get the most stimulating Continuing Education and networking experience of the year. The staff just takes it on, responding to the dozens of additional emails, phone calls and faxes with questions about Symposium 2012.

Besides this superlative, non-complaining and up-beat team, the Chapter boasts over 25 Shared Interest Groups, Committees, Task Forces and Commissions; all led by energetic, gifted NASW members who volunteer their time, wisdom and energy to make this the fourth largest and highly esteemed professional association in the Region. I am continually amazed at the unstinting commitment of our members who volunteer their time to Chair our Committees, testify at the Statehouse on bills that the chapter has filed or supported, and submit informative articles for FOCUS, the Chapter’s monthly newsletter and keep us informed about state and National issues that affect social work practice.

And then there is the elected Board of Directors and members of the Nominating and Leadership Identification Committee (NLIC) who not only took on running for office with all the work that is involved in  putting forward their candidacies but also taking on leadership responsibilities.  Board members call every new NASW member to welcome them to the fold as well as commit to understanding all the policy and legislative issues that come before the Chapter for vote.  NLIC members work tirelessly identifying, calling, writing and enrolling new leaders for the profession. These elected NASW leaders take time from their jobs, their private practices, their free schedules to contribute to the work of the Chapter and I have the privilege to work with them all.  I am beaming and so lucky.  What a great job!

Carol J. Trust

Thursday, February 16, 2012

NASW Letter to the Editor on Safety

Safety for Social Workers in the workplace is a continuing priority for the Chapter as reflected in the Letter to the Editor published on February 13th and as seen with the chapter’s new program to Train Social Workers and Agencies employing Social Workers in Safety policies and procedures.

Carol J. Trust