Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Delicate Assembly

Did you all notice that I used a funny spelling for ‘Delegate’ as in Delegate Assembly?  Well, I was installing some playfulness in the nation-wide discussion among NASW members about whether to eliminate the almost 50 year old NASW Delegate Assembly structure.  This structure shares policy making with the elected National NASW Board of Directors.  It could be maintained, but with some needed updates.  The MA Chapter President, Dr. Chris Hudson has written about the choices in his President’s FOCUS column and even offered a survey for members to give their thoughts.  I am particularly interested in your read:
  •  Should we eliminate it and turn over most of the functions to the National Board, various National Committees and staff  and be able to revise old policy statements every year rather than waiting for three years when the Delegate Assembly convenes? OR 
  • Should we maintain this old structure?  Some individuals feel it is antiquated and inefficient, yet it is more democratic (200 elected delegates from all the states rather than under 30 National Board members elected from the regions across the country).  
Let me know your thoughts.