Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I am such a show off with my job. I can hardly wait for people (from social to professional circles) to ask me what I do. Really. I used to be hesitant to answer - ‘ I’m a social worker,’ thinking I would get the well- worn comment, ‘God Love Ya’ or ‘I could never do that’ or ‘What’s wrong with these people?’ I feared my vague or inarticulate response could unintentionally further weaken the image of social workers. I was wimpy. Not any more. I am so proud and almost superior when I answer the question. I wait for people to ask me. I am eager to say what the profession, specifically NASW, has accomplished, legislatively, programmatically, and socially. I really do adore what NASW has achieved, the positions we have taken, the programs we have established and the wisdom we have accrued. And I am proud of what we offer our members, like unlimited free consultation of practice, ethical and educational issues. Plus all the discounts, the superb customer service, the quick responses to your often complicated practice dilemmas. You need to know that staff is just waiting for your call, ready to assist. And we don’t hear enough from our members with your concerns. And now you have a chance to be in touch, not exclusively with your problems. We want to know about the benefits you received from NASW membership – the value to you. How have we made your life better, happier, more successful? Send your testimonial in 1-3 sentences, with your photo, if you wish, to me at trust@naswma.org. I am unabashedly inviting you to come forth and acknowledge what NASW membership has contributed to your life. If you agree, we would like to use your comments. Perhaps in FOCUS, on our website and in other promotional materials. What do you say? If we use your comments, you’ll get a surprise gift.

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