Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bombing at the Marathon Finish: Evil in Boston

I live in the Copley Square section of Boston, where the bombs went off yesterday. In fact, I was a block away from the explosion. My husband, who is a photographer, was filming the finishers two blocks away. My daughter lives 5 blocks from Copley Square. We are all physically fine and numb.

Since I am a Red Cross Disaster Mental Health volunteer, I usually get a call from the Red Cross when a disaster occurs, asking if I am available to attend to victims. I did not get a call today and I am just wondering why. In addition, I am wondering about my paralytic response to the sound of the explosions. At first, my colleague and I thought the sound was thunder. Then we wondered if the explosion was a celebratory cannon blast. It was, after all, Patriot's Day in Boston.

At this time, my early reaction is just a realization of the existence of evil in our world. I am sad, I am worried and I am feeling the sense of vulnerability that victims of crime and war experience. At the same time, I am so aware of the level of kindness and concern displayed by bystanders and others.

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