Monday, December 3, 2012


Even with all the publicity we gave this debut, you still might have missed the launching of the Chapter’s first ‘Tele-Town Hall Meeting’ this month. Stacy arranged with an IT company to produce the call-in telephone talk show where staff from the National NASW office answered questions from dozens of NASW members who needed more details about the switch in insurance providers. While Jonas Goldenberg, our Director of Clinical Issues and Continuing Education, screened callers and put them in the queue to have their questions answered, Stacy was the voice on the line introducing the callers to the insurance experts. Our journey into tele town hall meetings reflects the chapter’s continual commitment to keep our members informed regardless of their schedules or distances from live meetings. We hope you had an opportunity to be part of this new technological service to our members and I want to hear from you about the program.

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