Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Last night I attended a screening of an extraordinary PBS Documentary on AIDS IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY: ENDGAME.  It will air tonight on PBS’s FRONTLINE.   It was moving, disturbing, and compelling. I left saddened, and worried.  And now I am feeling compelled to tell everyone to watch it.  Tonight. Although the film focuses on the AIDS virus in the Black community, the information is essential to all of us who care about public health issues, the impact of shame and humiliation on young peoples’ lives and on the uncompromising consequences keeping certain secrets.

There are many good people in the film that cause great suffering. It is a universal phenomenon.  Thank you, Vincent Lynch, my social work colleague at Boston College School of Social Work for inviting me and to Dr. Judy-Ann Bigby, Secretary, MA Executive Office of Health and Human Services for your panel participation where you showed the great work that a state can accomplish when it has committed people like yourselves taking a stand to address a crucial public health issue. 

Carol J. Trust

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