Monday, March 12, 2012

Juror # 13

I recently was chosen to be on a jury and was thrilled. I had been called to appear many times in the past and was always dismissed, often just before the trial started.

I assumed it was because I’m a social worker and that the prosecuting attorneys rejected me because they may have thought I would be too soft on crime and the defense attorney may have thought I would sympathize with the victim.

In actuality, I have no idea why I was dismissed from the 15 previous jury calls for which I was called. I just knew that I was disappointed, left with the sense that I had missed out on a unique opportunity that I wanted to experience.

And now, I sit in the jury room with 13 other people, all strangers to each other, waiting to be called down to the courtroom. I am thrilled with the opportunity.

Carol J. Trust

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