Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mental Health Care

Hello Everyone,

My colleagues at the Mental Health Coalition and I wanted to direct your attention to an article that was published on May 17, 2010 in The Boston Globe. The article titled, “Firms Put Limits on Mental Health” highlighted United Behavioral Health’s (UBH) use of burdensome practices that limit the provision of mental health care. As a result of this micro management, social workers spend excessive and often unnecessary time dealing with managed care companies while their patient’s wait for treatment. However, United Behavioral Health (UBH) is not acting alone. It is one of many managed care organizations across the country implementing rigorous stipulations for accessing mental health services. The Mental Health Coalition was encouraged by the promulgation of the interim federal parity regulations, which prohibits employing stricter management of mental health services than those of medical services. Interim federal parity brings us one step closer to the dream of Paul Wellstone for real equality in provision of mental and medical care. As your professional association, we shall stay vigilant supporting your important clinical work with clients. To read the complete article please click on the following link.

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