Thursday, July 30, 2009


As I read the daily papers, tune into NPR for a wider view of the world, and discuss local and global issues with my chums, social work colleagues and family members, my range of responses can flow from eager involvement, acute listening, and thoughtful conversations to outrage, resignation, and then on to denial. On the one hand, I want, in my lifetime, to see the end poverty and homelessness, the dissolution of anger between people, and the presence of world peace. On the other hand I see how intransigent is our history of violence, how massive is poverty in our country and around the world and how complex is the array of solutions already tried and for the most part failed. I can be frustrated, disappointed,outraged and stay in those states. Or...

I can look for what is possible, what steps I can take--to make a difference. I can choose action. The tiny, medium or large steps. And here is where he juice lies. Getting into action. Will it make a difference, I wonder. Will I actually see the results? I am reminded of a biblical saying whose origins are lost. It goes like this. "It is not incumbent on us to finish the task, but neither are we free to desist from it. My response? 'Count me in!'

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  1. Count me in too. Social worker in Massachusetts.